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The Art of Choosing the Right Upholstery Fabric

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

One of the best things about re-upholstery or recovering furniture is that there is a huge range of amazing fabrics to choose from. But it’s really easy to get carried away when you find a fabric that you love and to buy it there and then, before talking to your Upholsterer. Getting guidance first will help ensure that you get the best result for your furniture and avoid some common mistakes.

To help you, here are 3 tips to follow:

1. Choose your Upholsterer first! Not the fabric!

We can’t emphasise what a difference this makes. Your Upholsterer is a professional who can guide you in choosing the right quality and type of fabric that is suitable for your project.

Often at The Yard we have to advise customers that they have been sold fabric that is not appropriate or hardwearing enough for sofas, armchairs, dining seats etc. In reality, although termed as “upholstery fabric” this type of material is only suitable to make curtains, lampshades and scatter cushions.

Your Upholsterer may agree to work with ‘light upholstery’ fabric but won't be able to guarantee that the fabric won't soon begin to warp, sag or even split. For example, some linens, light cotton and silks can catch and tear easily as they are not tough enough for every day use.


Ask for a fabric samples. Fabric manufacturers will usually let you have a number of free samples or samples at a minimal cost. When you find the sample you like, take it to your upholsterer.

2. Fabric prices

Unless you are buying a remnant or an end of line piece, then your Upholsterer will most likely be able to obtain your fabric at the same price as you are paying. Also, just as important, having assessed your piece of furniture, the Upholsterer will ensure that the right amount of material is purchased which could potentially save you unnecessary cost.


Check out fabric pricing with your Upholsterer. Their pricing will usually be in line with recommended retail prices

3. Fabric types and patterns

Whether you want plain or patterned fabric, and from cotton and velvet to linens and leather, have a chat with your Upholsterer first to discuss what kind of result you are trying to achieve. Upholsterers have a wealth of experience and understanding of textures, colours and finishes to complement your furniture – and can help you visualise how fabrics will look on your finished piece.


Ask your Upholsterer if they have fabric books that you can look at, and ask their advice too.

There's lots of variety!

You'll find plenty to choose from and following the few steps above will help you rejuvenate or completely transform your furniture.

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